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Technical Committee (TC)

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Quality assurance and social responsibility Active

Terminology, Quantities and units Active

Electrical and electronic material Active

Electrical and electronic devices Active

Control and monitoring electronic devices Inactive

Technical safety and environment Active

Semiconductor materials and devices. Electromechanical components and mechanical structures for electronic equipment. Active

Measuring equipment. Testing and measuring techniques. Active

Information and technology Active

Analogue and digital telecommunication systems Active

Metrology and measurements Active

Low and high voltage electrical appliances Inactive

Petroleum products, lubricants, coals and related products Active

Road vehicles Inactive

Doors, windows, shutters, building hardware and curtain walling Inactive

Equipment and machinery Inactive

Chemistry Active

Lighting columns and other related devices Active

Cement and building limes. Gypsum and gypsum based product Active

Safety of toys Active

Dentistry Active

Ceramic in building. Advanced Ceramics. Refractory products and materials. Thermal insularity Active

Pipes, flanges and their joints Active

Cosmetics and pharmaceutics Inactive

Concrete and related products. Precast concrete products Active

Safety of machinery and fire safety Active

Tobacco and tobacco products Inactive

Glass Active

Graphic technology Inactive

Metals and their alloys Active

Resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings Active

Sports, playground and other recreational equipment Active

Non-destructive testing Active

In vitro diagnostic medical devices Active

Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry Active

Aggregates, natural stone Active

Personal protective equipment Active

Pulp, paper and board Active

Fruits, vegetables and their products Inactive

Round and sawn timber Active

Mines and minerals Inactive

Threaded and non-threaded mechanical fasteners and accessories. Active

Soil quality Inactive

Non-active medical devices Active

Biocompatibility of medical and dental materials and devices Active

Furniture, office and house equipment Suspended

Acoustics Active

Respiratory and anesthetic equipment Active

Rubber and plastic products Active

Information systems Active

Water, air and soil quality Active

Biotechnology and Microbiology Active

Textiles and textile products Active

Plastics Active

Structural Eurocodes Active

Flexible sheets for waterproofing Active

Railway applications Active

Packaging Active

Transportable gas cylinders and Shell and water-tube boilers Active

Food analysis – Utensils in contact with food Active

Surface active agents Inactive

Liquefied petroleum gas equipment and accessories Active

Execution of special geotechnical works Active

Pigments, extenders and varnishes Active

Milk, meet and their products Active

Documentation and information Active

Explosive atmospheres - Explosion protection and prevention Active

Oils and vegetable fats. Oilseeds Active

Footwear and leather Active

Medical devices Active

Transport, logistics and services Active

Animals food Inactive

Bituminous binders. Road materials Active

Fresh fruit and vegetables Active

Farming, agriculture and plants Inactive