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DS CECC 75 101-807:1994

Fishat lidhëse modulare dy pjesëshe për qarqet e stampuara dhe panelet lidhëse me distancë nominale të rrjetës prej 2,54 mm - Sipas IEC 60917

Modular two-part connectors for printed boards and backplanes, grid of 2,5 mm - According to IEC 60917
23 qer 2009

General information

60.60     1 jan 2009



Technical Specification




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Two-part connector modules having a grid of 2,5 mm for printed boards and backplanes. Connector with height multiple modules n x 25 mm, (with n = 1, 2, 4, 9, 10), 5 rows with optional coding, shielding and special contacts. Working voltage: contact/contact 750 V a.c. Current rating: 1 A at 70 °C (all LF-contacts). Insulation resistance: 106 M ohm min. for PL1 and PL2; 105 M ohm min. for PL3. Climatic category: PL1: 55/125/56; PL2: 55/125/21; 25/100/00.Printed board thickness: 1,6 mm to 3,2 mm. Backplane thickness : 1,6 mm to 4,0 mm. Contact spacing: 2,5 mm. Performance levels (PL): 1,2, 3. Assessment levels B and G. Combination of performance and assessment levels : 1G, 2B, 2G, 3B.

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DS CECC 75 101-807:1994
60.60 Standard published
1 jan 2009

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Adopted from CECC 75 101-807:1994


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