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ISO/TS 10303-1605:2006

Industrial automation systems and integration — Product data representation and exchange — Part 1605: Application module: AP210 assembly functional requirements
13 dhj 2006

General information

90.93     25 shk 2020


ISO/TC 184/SC 4

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ISO/TS 10303-1605:2006 specifies the application module for AP210 assembly functional requirements.
ISO/TS 10303-1605:2006 deals with the representation of assembly functional requirement. This data includes all information required to specify the behaviour of the assembly, including interface definition.
Explicit structural definition is provided for the functional network, including representations of folded and elaborated network hierarchy. This includes gate allocation information.
Explicit allocation of each functional network element to the implementing component is included. Extensive use of formal encapsulation is provided for signal definition, mathematical models, etc. This data includes information required to support embedded components in an interconnect product.
Configuration management information and design management information is provided.
ISO/TS 10303-1605:2006 deals with the following:
nodal network representation of the behaviour of the product; allocation of functional elements in the hierarchical network representation to physical components that implement the functionality; mapping the set of nodes in the hierarchical network representation to the single physical node that is the elaboration of those nodes; configuration management of the information; extensive use of formal encapsulation is provided for signal definition, mathematical models; the information is from an electro-mechanical design and analysis viewpoint but is more widely applicable.

Life cycle


ISO/TS 10303-1605:2006
90.93 Standard confirmed
25 shk 2020


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