Drejtoria e Përgjithshme e Standardizimit
Phone: +355 4 222 62 55
E-mail: info@dps.gov.al
Address: Address: "Reshit Collaku" Str., (nearby ILDKPKI, VI floor), Po.Box 98, Tiranë - Albania
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The General Directorate of Standardization (DPS) is a public legal entity under the Ministry of Economy, Culture and Innovation (MEKI) and is the national standardization body in the Republic of Albania, established in 1951.

DPS represents the Republic of Albania in European and International standardization organizations, as well as the interests of the country's economy during the process of drafting and adopting of European and International standards as Albanian Standards (SSH). The drafting and adoption of standards consists of the needs of manufacturing and service enterprises, regardless of their form and size, businesses, government bodies and consumers to provide them with standards that meet their needs for quality and greater competitiveness. In carrying out its activity, DPS cooperates with all interested parties (public and private institutions – business companies, experts in various fields, consumers and the institutions that represent them, academic bodies, etc.)

The work relations of the General Director and DPS staff are regulated by Law No. 152/2013 "On the Status of Civil Servants", as amended. Work relations regarding the position of secretary/protocol in DPS are regulated by the provisions of the Labor Code.

The General Director cooperates with the minister responsible for the economy regarding policy recommendations for the establishment and operation of national standardization in accordance with standardization at the European and International level, as well as answers for the provision and smooth running of the DPS activity and for the high-quality publication of standards for all areas of the economy.

The General Director ensures that the human resources available to the Directorate, which include the Directorate's employees and technical bodies, as provided for in Law No.9870, dated 4.2.2008 “On Standardization” , are organized in such a way that the objectives in this field are realized with less cost, with high effectiveness, with high quality and on time, correctly applying the legislation in force and the relevant instructions of the Minister; Directs and supervises the financial and budgetary activity of the Directorate, ensuring compliance with accounting procedures and transparency, in order to protect and manage correctly and efficiently the public funds at its disposal. Manages the general activity of the Directorate related to the publication and sale of standards to the parties interested in the standards, in order to meet the objectives set to serve the economy and interest groups with high quality.

The structure of DPS approved by Order of the Prime Minister consists of the administrative staff that directs and ensures the implementation of principles, regulations and procedures of European and International standardization in the entire process for drafting, approval and repeal of standards, as well as two Boards (Directing Board and the Technical Board) and by the Technical Committees, in which the participation is voluntary and without pay. The creation, functions and competencies of the Governing Board are regulated by Decision of the Council of Ministers, while the Technical Board and Technical Committees are regulated by internal regulations approved by the DPS Governing Board.